Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School Mail Packet

When I was a kid, I loved getting mail.  It was so exciting to see an envelope or package with my name on it!  Assuming it isn't a credit card or life insurance offer, I still get excited to get mail!  This is exactly why I love to send out a fun packet to my students in early August.  I hope it will help them get excited about the new school year!  Here is what is in my August mailer this year:

I included:
* Welcome letter
* Hand-written note on a customized post card
* Parent questionnaire
* List of tips for helping a child be successful in school
* Paper bag with activity instructions 

I had these adorable post cards made through 

I think the kids will enjoy receiving these packets in the mail!

One of the smartest purchases I have made is my customized signature ink stamp.  It simply states my name, with a cute apple next to it.  I ordered it from Stamp Out Online (, and it cost just under $22 (including shipping).  So far I've used it for return addresses (with my school return address stamp), inside my classroom books and novels, and at the top of post-it notes and paper to make personalized stationary.  I highly recommend one!

You can get one from

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