Saturday, August 3, 2013

Preparation Continues...

After a lovely trip to Canada to visit my family, it was right back to the classroom this week.  The custodians moved my furniture into place (what would we do without our amazing custodians? Mental note: bring in Dunkin's for them next week!). Things are falling into place, and the classroom is starting to become my own.  As I was organizing and decorating yesterday, I realized that I needed a new cursive alphabet to hang above my Smart Board.  I searched high and low to find something that would match my classroom theme, but came up empty handed.  The best thing to do when in this predicament? Make it yourself!  So here's what I made:

They're a turquoise/yellow theme, and each 81/2 x 11 prints two letters.  If you'd like to download it for yourself, here it is:

I will be mounting and laminating my letters!

Please enjoy it for free in your classroom- it is not for resale purposes (I make things with the intent to share with my fellow teachers, as many of you do!).   The background patterns were purchased from NineEighteen on Etsy.

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